Reading Measures


ATOS Level

 Renaissance LearningTM  has developed a computer based assessment capability that is used by over 73,000 schools. We reference the Accelerated ReaderTM (AR) score, called the ATOS Level, as part of our reviews. This gives parents an idea of the reading level of the book. If your child’s school does not use the AR system chances are it will soon.

Renaissance Learning - Guide to AR book finder (and ATOS book level)

Great information about the Accelerated ReaderTM program and how to use their ARTM Book FinderTM website.

This will also give you information about the ATOSTM Book Level (ARTM Level): What is ATOS?

The AR book finder website: Renaissance Learning- AR Book Finder

Lexile Measure

MetaMetrics is an educational measurement and research organization, develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.

A Lexile measure is information about either an individual’s reading ability or the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article.

The Lexile website:

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