Wonder what your kids are coming across in the books they're reading? Bookalachi is your source for parent reviews of kid and teen books! More than a just a synopsis; we look at the content (e.g. social themes, drug/alcohol use, violence, sweary words, etc) and give parents the 411 on content.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society

November 15, 2010

The-Mysterious-Benedict-Society While the good guys eventually win, there is quite a bit of peril for the children in the story. Quite bit is expected of them in very difficult circumstances. They rise to the challenge (as children usually do), but it is a stressful story. Strong characters, creative problem solvers.

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Along for the Ride

November 1, 2010

Along-for-the-Ride Some mature, complicated content. Likely okay for older teens. Fairly cavalier attitude towards teen sex and drinking. Pretty dysfunctional parents.

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October 18, 2010

goThis book has won several awards and is a nice read. Even though the main characters are young teens, the content and story are fine for 9-12 year-olds, and even precocious readers.

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The Catcher in the Rye

September 12, 2010

goThis is the quintessential young adult novel. In fact, it is largely recognized as the first real book of that genre. It’s moving, and poignant and chock full of content to be aware of. I would recommend parents read this before or as their teen is reading it so you can discuss it with them.

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Book Review: The Fight to Survive

August 31, 2010

The-Fight-to-SurviveSurprisingly graphic violence for the recommended age-range. Really, really surprising. Some kids may be bothered by the level of violence and some of the harshness of being a bounty hunter’s child. Proceed with caution.

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We met author Dom Testa! (and so you get a chance to win FREE books!)

August 6, 2010

Recently, Bookalachi had a chance to chat with author Dom Testa. And guess what?? He’s giving away the first two books in The Galahad Series to one of our lucky readers!! To enter, comment on this post  Winners will be announced on Friday, August 13th!

Dom Testa’s a pretty cool guy. Also? Pretty smart. Which we’re [...]

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The Web of Titan

July 28, 2010

The-Web-of-TitanIn this second installation of the Galahad series, we get more insight into the characters and their relationships with each other. As with the first book, I think it’s appropriate for younger kids then the publisher recommends, easily 11. Of note, there are multiple references to the theory of evolution as a fact.

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The Comet’s Curse

July 28, 2010

The-Comets-CurseAn interesting plot and a good read. Nice to see a straight science fiction book in this age group. I really think this book is appropriate for younger kids, easily 11. There is not a lot content wise to warrant concern. A good, clean book. Strong female main character as well as a mix of cultural diversity.

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Book Review: Story of a Girl

July 21, 2010

Story-of-a-GirlThis book is often used as an example of an authentic teen voice in books. Even though the protagonist is 13, the sexual content of the book is pretty mature and not a good fit for most younger teens. The family situation is fairly dysfunctional.

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Book Review: D.A.

July 18, 2010

D.A.A fun, light read. Good one for girls. No content to be concerned about. Nice to find a true sci-fi with strong female characters. Good for precocious readers, down to 11 or 12

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