The Comet’s Curse

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in 14-17, ATOS 6.0-6.9, Part of a series or set, Sci-Fi

Title: The Comet’s Curse
Series: Galahad Series, #1
Publisher: Tor
Author: Dom Testa
Age Range: 14-17
Lexile: [?] 840L
AR Level: [?] 6.0
Formats: book, ebook
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In this gripping start to a six-book epic young adult science fiction adventure by popular Colorado radio host Dom Testa, the teenage crew of the starship Galahad, led by 16-year-old Triana Martell, must find a new home for humanity among the stars.


An interesting plot and a good read.  Nice to see a straight science fiction book in this age group.  I really think this book is appropriate for younger kids, easily 11.  There is almost no content to warrant concern.  A good, clean book.  Strong female main character as well as a range of kids from diverse backgrounds.



Sexual Content



An adult knowingly takes too much cold medicine.


The premise of the story is that everyone on Earth is going to die. There are a couple of scenes where teens on the ship think about their dead/dying family members, but not overly macabre.


A teen boy has some significant anger issues regarding his father who he feels doesn’t ‘get’ him.

The mother of a teen girl is described as choosing work and politics over her daughter. When the mother dies, the girl says ‘She hasn’t been my mother for a long time.’

A brief mention of genetic engineering and the only resistance to it coming from people with ‘religious convictions’.



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The Comet's Curse, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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