Book Review: Eclipse

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in 14-17, ATOS 4.0-4.9, Horror & Suspense, Lexile 600-699, Romance

Title: Eclipse
Series: The Twilight Saga, Book 3
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Lexile: [?] 670L
ATOS Level: [?] 4.5
Go For Ages: 14-17


Bella must choose between her friendship with Jacob, a werewolf, and her relationship with Edward, a vampire, but when Seattle is ravaged by a mysterious string of killings, the three of them need to decide whether their personal lives are more important than the well-being of an entire city.


The saga countinues with the 3rd book in the Twilight series.  It starts to get a little weird with some strange plot lines. It’s not much darker then New Moon, but Bella’s desire to sleep with Edward becomes a bit much. NOT recommended for younger then 14.


Level 1 [?]

Sexual Content

Lots of kissing and lusting after a certain sparkly vampire. Jacob kisses Bella against her will.


Medically administered pain medication makes a teen loopy.


A vampire tells a story (sans details) about being gang-raped by her fiancee and his friends who she later murders. Battle scenes between werewolves and vampires, with some gory detail (decapitating vampires, body parts trying to re-assemble themselves).  A woman kills herself (for noble purpose) in front of her young sons. 


Bella has strong feelings about getting married, ‘…like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend.’ Bella lies and deceives her parents.


The re-telling of a story about Native American warriors that involves their spirits leaving their bodies. Edward doesn’t want to turn Bella into a vampire because he is concerned that vampires are damned and will never enter heaven.

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