Book Review: Iron John

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in 4-8, Family & Relationships, Folk Tale, Good book for boys, Lexile 700-799

Title: Iron John
Publisher: Morrow Junior
Author: Marianna Mayer
Lexile: [?] AD700L
ATOS Level: [?] TBD
Parent Rating:
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GO For Age Range: 4-8


When the mysterious and feared creature known as Iron John is captured from an enchanted wood, young Prince Hans is more fascinated than frightened. He sets Iron John free and runs away with him to start a new life filled with heroism, romance, and self-discovery. Drawing on the Grimm tale and on ancient myths, Marianna Mayer weaves a resonant story of friendship between a courageous boy and his adoptive father. Lush illustrations and medieval-inspired design create a picture of the wild wood beyond compare.


Some scary images and a bad relationship between father and son. There is no reconciliation of Hans with his parents.  Hans is a gallant, modest, skilled and brave young man.


None [?]

Sexual Content

A princess kisses Hans.




‘The Wild Man will come and eat you up’ used as a threat to a naughty child. Picture of a trapper in animal skins and with an animal skull necklace. Picture of terrified dog and creepy hand reaching for it. A donkey is beaten and a lame dog is ‘cruelly mistreated by heartless boys.’


A person is laughed at and ‘called names’. Hans disobeys his parents and is afraid he will be beaten for it. Wild Man takes Hans and tells him he will be his ’second father’.



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