Book Review: The Hidden Stairs And The Magic Carpet

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in 9-12, ATOS 2.0-2.9, Adventure, Fantasy, Good for kids reading above grade-level (precocious readers), Lexile 300-399, Part of a series or set

Title: The Hidden Stairs And The Magic Carpet
Series:The Secrets of Droon, Book 1
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Author: Tony Abbott
Lexile: [?] 380L
ATOS Level: [?] 2.9
Parent Rating:
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Go For Age Range: 9-12


Underneath the steps leading down to Eric’s basement is a hidden storage space. It’s dusty and old — nothing special at all. But when Eric, Julie, and Neal all huddle inside the gray room together, something unbelievable happens. A glittering light and then a rainbow-colored staircase appear. And as the kids take their very first step down into the mysterious land of Droon, they know that only magic and adventure await them!


This is a good series for the precocious reader as there is really no objectionable content.  I don’t think kids older then about 9 will enjoy it as it’s a pretty simple story.


None [?]

Sexual Content





Flaming arrow shoots past a child. A wizard is described as “pure evil”. Scary image of Lord Sparr. Drawing of giant spider, not too scary.


A character’s mother is thought to be dead; she was ‘never seen again’.



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