Book Review: Fallen

by Melissa on February 26, 2010 · 1 comment

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Title: Fallen
Series: Fallen Books, Book 1
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Author: Lauren Kate
Lexile: [?] TBD
ATOS Level: [?] TBD
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GO For Ages: 14-17


“There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

Even though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce—and goes out of his way to make that very clear—she can’t let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret . . . even if it kills her.”


Not as dark as I was expecting for this age group and general genre.  While there were all levels of language, there were few actual usages of the words.  There are some religious themes.


Level 1,2 3 [?] Also, a teen ‘flips the bird’.

Sexual Content

Description of some intense kissing. ‘She mimed a jerking-off motion…’


Reference to students needing ‘meds’ (mental health).  ‘Pharmapalooza’-party with drugs.  Teens smoke cigarettes.  Teens drink champagne at a party.  Teens go to a bar.


Luce sees dark shadows which scare her.  A teen boy dies in a fire.  And then another one does. A teacher (who is a demon in disguise) kills a teen by slitting her throat. Not a lot of detail. Fights between teen boys. Also, a battle between angles and demons, though not much description.


Kids are at a reform school of sorts.  Kids have almost no contact with their parents.  A teen hotwired a teacher’s car and ‘borrows’ it.


Dark shadows Luce sees are actually fallen angels, or demons. Light and dark, good and evil. A teacher ’speaks in tongues.’  Stories from the Bible, fall of the angels.  Mention of religious objects and ceremonies as relates to the Catholic Church.  Because Luce wasn’t baptized as a baby, her soul was ‘left up for grabs’.

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Brittany March 10, 2011 at 5:46 pm

I love the book of Fallen because it has fallen angel in it like Daniel Grigori, Gabrielle ‘Gabbe’ Givens, and Roland Sparks. I like them and I also like Lucinda ‘Luce’ Price because she have cute hair. But I hate Molly and she was mean to Luce and she kept telling Luce to stay away from Daniel There is another thing I hate her is that she dumped food on Luce it was really mean. I am almost donw with the book and I am on page 204 and 205. I started readint it on Monday. I can not wait to read Torment.

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