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bookalachi newsletter

Keeping reading fun for kids–and not so surprising for parents

volume 2.1.10


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Recent Reviews

For 4-8 year-olds: Junie B. Jones and the stupid, smelly bus

Who gives a ‘pause’ rating for a book in this age-range?? I know, I know… and there is nothing really concerning about this book, except that it is common beginning chapter book and the transition from gentle picture books to Junie B.’s sassiness is just a bit startling. The book is definitely hilarious for this age group, but it was the first time I ran across the word ’stupid’ as my kids got into older books.
This book address the concern that some little kids have with riding the bus to school in a fun way.

For 9-12 year-olds: Sadako and the Thousand
Paper Cranes

This is a poignant story about a little girl who dies of leukemia as a result of the radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Younger or very sensitive children may be particularly disturbed by the content and the fact that the girl dies. The prologue explains that America pursued such a tragic course to try to end the war. The story is largely apolitical and focuses on the little girl. (We have listed this in the 9-12 age range, per Amazon, but it has been listed for as young as 4-8 other places. Our library had it in the YA section.) We suggest reading it with your child at any age.

For 10-14 year-olds: The Lightening Thief

A very interesting book that brings mythology to life. There is a lot of violent and disturbing content, though no one piece is overly disturbing. Not a book for a sensitive child or for below the age range. Probably better for closer to 11 year-olds, though the density of the story will likely keep most kids away until about then.

For 14-17 year-olds: Catching Fire

Surprisingly, this book is less violent then book 1 of this series. If your teen had no trouble with The Hunger Games, this one won’t cause any problems. Overall, it is less intense, less graphic and less disturbing then book 1.

What we are talking about

Some people hear `ratings’ and think `censorship’. But they’re not the same.
Take a look at what parents are talking about.

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Parent requested books in the book stack

The Canning Season

The Magic Thief

Stolen by the Sea

Journey to Jo’burg

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

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