Book Review: Wings

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in 9-12, ATOS 5.0-5.9, Adventure, Lexile 800-899

Title: Wings
Series: Mysterious Mr. Spines #1
Publisher: Penguin Group
Author: Jason Lethcoe
Age Range: 9-12
Lexile: [?] 830L
AR Level: [?] 5.9
Formats: book
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Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast)


“When Edward’s mother dies, his aunt sends him to a school for troubled youths. There, Edward develops an itch in his back that he can’t scratch, and when he gets angry it seems like he can move things with his mind. When the itch erupts into a set of wings, an evil teacher tries to cut them off. Edward is rescued by Mr. Spines, who reveals that Edward is a Guardian, a magical being who guards and guides souls in the Woodbine, a stopover between life and death.
Edward will now have to battle the most evil force in the Woodbine, the Jackal, and his army of fallen Guardians. They have destroyed the bridges that lead to the afterlife, trapping countless souls. Edward is unprepared for so much responsibility and he runs away and becomes lost in the Woodbine. There he must find his own voice and learn to master his powers as he is pulled from side to side by magical forces he is only beginning to understand.”


The main character is in peril, chased by some pretty evil bad guys. Adults are not protective of the children in the story. Some unresolved family issues (why does Edward’s aunt not want to give him a home?).  Edward is brave and clever. The story is likely okay for most 9-12 yo’s, though kids sensitive to `evil’ scariness might want to wait ’til they’re closer to 11 or 12.


None [?]

Sexual Content



Edward is given a drink of brandy by an adult for medicinal purposes.


A `teacher’ (bad guy) beats a student.  Grinning skulls with `Dia de los muertos’ sign (Day of the Dead). There is some peril for Edward.


Edward has a stutter and is subjected to some teasing as a result. His mother is dead, killed slowly by cancer. He fears his father left him because he was a skinny stutterer.


Spells and magic are used.  Heaven and hell are described by different names, but the intent is clear.  Same with angels and demons.

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Book Review: Wings, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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