Book Review: Bridge to Terabithia

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in 9-12, ATOS 4.0-4.9, Fantasy, Lexile 800-899, Made into a movie, Social Issues

Title:Bridge to Terabithia
Author: Katherine Paterson
Lexile: [?] 810L
ATOS Level: [?] 4.6
Parent Rating:
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Pause For Ages: 9-12


The life of a ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer, who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm.


There is some stereotyping and other content that makes this a bit mature for 9 and 10 year-olds.  A lovely book, however, about friendship and growing up.  Good to read aloud.


Level 1, 2 [?]

Sexual Content

Jess doesn’t want to get caught hanging around the girls bathroom like “some kind of pervert or something”. 7th grade girls described as “huge, bossy, bosomy”.   Jessie gives girls a “look-over”.




Terabithia not haunted by ‘Leslie dies when a rope breaks and she falls into a creek.  No first hand account or details of it.  A few lines about laying out her body and reference to her death.


Word use: hippie, peacenik, “dumb cow” (in reference to a girl who is overweight).  “Did you know her father beats her?” “Lots of kids’ father’s beat ‘um.”  Jessie’s father worries that his son only plays with girls, some bullying, including teasing of an overweight girl.


“You gotta believe in the Bible ’cause if you don’t, God’ll damn you to hell when you die.”

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